September 2013 Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee Dallas is held on the first Saturday of every month.  This is basically a free car show that features all makes and models, basically anyone who shows up.  Here are some pictures of this event:

CIMG8540 CIMG8539 CIMG8538 CIMG8537 CIMG8536 CIMG8535 CIMG8534 CIMG8533 CIMG8532 CIMG8531 CIMG8530 CIMG8529 CIMG8528 CIMG8527 CIMG8526 CIMG8525 CIMG8524 CIMG8523 CIMG8522 CIMG8521 CIMG8520 CIMG8519 CIMG8518 CIMG8517 CIMG8516 CIMG8515 CIMG8514 CIMG8513 CIMG8512 CIMG8511 CIMG8510 CIMG8509 CIMG8508 CIMG8507 CIMG8506 CIMG8505 CIMG8504 CIMG8503 CIMG8502